Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Monogram Letters Tutorial

For this month's craft day we made yarn wrapped cardboard monogram letters.  This is a great project to add to holiday decor but also can be left out all year around.  Again one of my creative friends out did me and so I will be featuring my friend Kristine's "K" in all of the highlight photos (I may be just a little jealous someone always out does me at my own craft day!).

First we drew our letters on cardboard and cut them out.  You can use the computer to figure out the type of font you want to make if you are not comfortable just winging it.

One of the strategies a few of the girls did was making the cardboard letter thicker.  They traced their first letter so each layer would match and then just glued small scraps of cardboard in between the two layers to make it thicker.  This makes the letter both thicker and sturdier.

Once you have your letter cut out you will need yarn and hot glue.

Start your wrapping off with gluing your yarn to your letter.  If you have a simple letter like I did you will only need to glue twice, once at the beginning and again at the end.  If your letter is more complicated and needs to be wrapped multiple times and different directions (like the "K" and "A" in the photos) you may need to use the hot glue more.

If you want to be all perfectionist, you can also glue over the top of your letter where some excess cardboard could show through.

Then you just start wrapping.

Just like other craft days, each girl does there's a little bit different creating a similar but different look.  It's up to you and how you want yours to come out.

My simple "U" only required one layer of wrapping.

The more complicated letters took a little extra wrapping and some work to be finished at home.  But here is the work in progress along with my finished "U" at the end of craft day.

And our finished product...

This "K" is truly to die for.  I will be making an exact replica in an "A".  I already have the silver yarn and think it would go perfect in our living room.

The "U" was added to the wreath hanging on my hutch.

And the letters just kept getting cuter.  A few photos I stole of the girls letters off of instagram.

Kristine put hers in her tree!

And Sarah added flowers!  Too cute!

Gotta love my creative friends!