Closet Dreaming

With the coming of spring, I am looking forward to some much needed spring cleaning.  I have been thinking specifically about my closet and ways I can better organize and streamline it.  I don't know about you, but it never seems like I can keep my closet just the way I like it.

As I have been browsing online for closet design I have come to the conclusion that it is one thing to get it organized but another to be able to style it.  So my goals are to first make it functional and then figure out how to style it better.  Pretty boxes, better shelving, and color coordinating are on my list.  Plus I think having less stuff being stuffed into the closet makes for better aesthetics.

It's hard to be realistic sometimes as I don't have an extra room to make into just my closet or the ability to make my closet bigger at this point, so I want to work with what I have and be creative in making it work for me.

For me the key ingredients to a streamlined closet are:

-Matching hangers: everything just looks better and hangs nicely against each other.  I use no slip velvet hangers.
-Organizing the closet by clothing type and then by color: having all my tank tops in one place and skirts in another help me easily find what I am looking for.  Color coordinating cuts down even more closet searching time.
-Baskets: all those little accessories, socks, tights, belts, etc get placed in some sort of basket or bin.  My closet goes deep into the corner so being able to pull out the whole basket allows me to use up the most space but still keep things neat and tidy.  

Here are some of my favorite ideas I have found online for inspiration:

-A place to line up my purses so they are not smashed or hidden away to never be used.

-Use the most of my space--little hooks on the side of the closet or on the inside of the door gives just a little bit more room to store everything.

-Find cute ways to store things--like these fun trunks and those navy boxes.  I have some old trunks that are being used as side tables right now that might just get moved into my closet very soon!

-I love the boutique feel of this closet.  There is actually breathing room between each item on a hanger.  I think less is more in creating the perfect wardrobe--more timeless investments and less impulse buys!

// Anyone else dreaming up a prettier and cleaner closet?  Spring cleaning bug bite yet or are you still hibernating for winter?

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This post was written in partnership with California Closets but all opinions are mine--it was just the motivation I needed to start tackling my closet!