I Need Your Vote! // Sacramento KCRA 3 A-List

I am excited to share that Domestic Fashionista has been nominated as the best local blogger of Sacramento from our local news station, KCRA 3.  For local businesses, this is a big deal to be in the running for.  Signs are proudly posted in store front windows around town for being voted as #1.  It would truly be an honor to even make it anywhere close to number one.

So may I beg of you and your vote?  You do not have to be from Sacramento to vote.  And it would mean so much to me.  The voting has already begun and I would love for the DF community to show some love!

All you have to do is click over to the Domestic Fashionista page on KCRA and click on vote.  You do have to log in via email or through Facebook or Twitter but it is very easy and I promise no spammy emails will be coming your way!

And since you are already there, being the awesome reader and supporter that you are, may I ask that you also vote for my mom's flower shop, Flower Power Florist?  Her flower business has been family owned and running since 1971 when it was first opened by my grandmother.  My mom works so hard and does an amazing job and we would just love your support!

Vote for Domestic Fashionista here.
Vote for Flower Power Florist here.

Thank you kind friends! xoxo