My Husband's Holiday Work Party

I am a little really late at sharing these photos but the heart of the matter is still present.  The week before Christmas we hosted one more holiday event in our home (I was so ready to have everything Christmas related boxed and put away by Christmas day!).  My husband wanted to get together with the team that he supervises and so we decided to invite them over for an open house in our home.

This was the first time I have ever had a home full of people where I did not know one single person.  Due to the nature of my husband's work non-employees are not allowed at his work preventing any opportunity for me to meet his co-workers.  Preparing our home, food, and myself for people I have never met was definitely a new stretch for me as it pertains to entertaining.

I was stressed.  I wanted to wear the right thing.  I wanted the food to all be delicious.  I wanted to represent my husband well as well as present myself well. 

It would have been so much easier to suggest taking his team out to dinner or even keeping myself out of the event all together.  But I didn't want to and I knew how important it was for me to be a part of it and to support my husband's work in a way that I am gifted. 

But as I should have known, the evening was perfect.  We had a wonderful turnout, everyone was friendly, the food was delicious, guests were appreciative, and most importantly, my husband was happy.  Nothing like inviting people into your home and sharing a meal to strengthen relationships and, in this case, build a stronger team. 

The women complimented our home, asked about my blog, and knocked my socks off with sincere kindness.  I felt proud to be my husband's wife in a room of hard working professionals. 

I gained a lot from opening our house up to people I didn't know.  If I lived in fear of having people in my home I would not reap the blessing of the overwhelming gift of hospitality.  I am thankful for yet another challenge to make myself vulnerable in my own home for the sake of building relationships.

And plus, who wouldn't love to dip some sweets into a chocolate fountain?  I'd say it was husband approved.