Sacramento Bloggers Meetup at Lowbrau

Photo courtesy of Katie Did What

Monday night I put on my big girl leggings and headed out to my first Sacramento Bloggers Meetup at Lowbrau.  It is pretty surprising to find out just how many bloggers actually live in the same city let alone all congregated in the same place for one night. 

I left encouraged and inspired by the people I got to meet and the few I have met before.  It reminded me that there are people out there just like you and me, sharing the gritty details of their lives online, and absolutely loving it.  When you share so much of yourself out to whoever is willing to read it there is a level of willingness to be real and not hold much back.  Even if we have nothing in common, we do share the fact that we process, learn, and grow from our words in a unique way that has a public audience.

I am always amazed at experiences like these where I realize just how much blogging has changed my life.  It has provided this outlet...a community...that so deeply fits into my heart along with my personality.  And for someone who has struggled with being heard in an extroverted world, it has also helped me to find my voice. 

The highlight of my night was finally meeting Evani of Simply Evani.  She has been a long time blogging friend and meeting in person felt like we have already known each other for years.  I also loved meeting Katie of Katie Did What for the first time.  She is just darling, silly, and stylish and I look forward to getting to know her more. 

I also got to catch up with a fellow home decor blogger, Tiffany, who was my first in real life blog friend I have ever met.  It's nice to hang out with someone who is also just as obsessed with all things pretty in the home!

If you live in or near the Sacramento area, check out Sacramento Bloggers for more info on upcoming meetups and events!  I would love to meet you!