Adding Feedly and Bloglovin Buttons to Your Blog

With the closing of Google Reader--how to not lose readers and how to have an easy place for new readers to follow along. // Adding Feedly and Bloglovin Buttons to Your Blog
With the closing of Google Reader, those of us who read blogs via readers are now turning elsewhere.  The two most popular feed replacements are Feedly and Bloglovin (my personal preference is Feedly).  Those who already follow your blog via Google Reader have probably already automatically transferred their feeds to a new reader.

Today's post is about providing a place for new readers to follow along.  A quick and easy way to ensure new readers can follow along is by providing the premade Feedly and Bloglovin buttons.

Even if you do not use a reader to read blogs, it is important to offer an easy way for readers to follow your blog via these feeds because many readers have already switched over.  You are more likely to gain new readers if you offer an easy way to subscribe.

Bloglovin Button

The Bloglovin button is pretty easy.  Just click here and you will be taken to their widgets page where you can get an HTML code.

Feedly Button

Feedly on the other hand is a bit trickier and took some researching to figure it out.  First you will want to head over to their page where you can set up a customized button.  You pick out your design and then are asked to enter in your feed URL.  For whatever reason, I could not get this to work so I had to do some hunting.

If you have the same problem and cannot get your feed to work, what you will want to do is search for your blog name in Feedly and then copy the url as shown below: 

1. Find Feedly subscription URL by searching for your blog in Feedly.  Copy URL.

Then instead of letting Feedly figure out your HTML code, fill in something generic into the Feedly URL space but then copy and paste over the http:// part with the URL that you found from the step above. 

2. Insert copied Feedly URL into automated URL code.

Feedly will automatically generate an HTML code.  Below is an example of the finished HTML code that is copied from above.  Paste your Feedly HTML you found in Step 1 and replace it where the yellow highlighted area is.

3. Copy your new code into an HTML button on your blog.

And in case you didn't know, you can pin a post to Pinterest while you are in Feedly.  It makes my life a lot easier so I don't have to save so many posts for later only to never come back to.  If you hover your mouse over the top left corner of a photo, a little Pinterest icon comes up to pin it.  And it pins directly to the post not just the website in general.  It's amazing.


// I know this whole HTML thing can be confusing so if you are having trouble figuring it out, I will try to answer your questions in the comment section!

And if you have not yet followed Domestic Fashionista via Bloglovin or Feedly, you can do so by clicking on the buttons below.  They are also available via the buttons on my sidebar.  Happy reading!

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