Simplifying My Pinterest Boards

Create a recipe box folder on Pinterest for recipes you like and want to keep.  Makes it easier on you and your followers for recipes proven worth trying!

Just like every other area of life, I like things simple and organized.  The same goes for my Pinterest boards.  I thought I would share for inspiration sake and in case you are interested in how I pin things on Pinterest...I recently streamlined some of my boards, specifically the food ones.

I get a little overwhelmed with recipes on Pinterest in general.  Have I tried that one?  Did I like it?  I used to have a tried it folder which was helpful but if I wanted to go back and find a recipe I liked to make again, I was searching through three folders before finding it.  So to make my life easier, as well as my Pinterest followers, all of my food boards are now labeled "to try."  Meaning instead of "Desserts" it is now "Desserts to Try."  If I liked the recipe and want to save it to refer to again, it is now in my "Recipe Box" Pinterest board.  If I did not like it, to keep from being mean and saying I didn't like it, I just delete it from my Pinterest board.

So if you are on the lookout for new recipes, when I pin new recipes they are "to try."  If you want to know what recipes I have found, loved, and plan on making again, you can check out my Recipe Box board.  I also pin some of my own recipes there so it is easier for me to find later.

Was that confusing?  Too OCD for you?  I am sorry if so.  I am not even sure this is worthy of a blog post.  But if you follow me on Pinterest, I take it very seriously to only promote the recipes that are really worth your time.  Because really, I only want to try your recipes that you swear by not just the ones with beautiful photography.  Right?!

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Not even sure if this is worthy of being attached to my Simple Blogging Series, but you never know.  Organizing your online life to work for you makes blogging a lot easier in my there you go.