More on Contentment: Finding a Healthy Balance

Sometimes contentment is finding balance in just being and not in being more.

My husband and I have been taking boxing classes over the past few months together.  One day as we showed up our instructor asked us if we had been seeing any changes.  He apparently does not know me very well as I am completely capable of working out and still gaining weight (let alone lose any)!  Working out is not my problem--I am pretty sure it is the food!

So we said, "Not yet!"  And he continued to ask, "Well, have you been weighing yourself?"  And that is when my sweet, dear husband, who is a far opposite of me when it comes to self esteem issues as well as become well trained by me to the sensitivity of weight conversations, responded, "It's more about just being healthy for me."

And to no surprise, he seemed shocked at our answer.

I get it.  People work out to lose weight.  Yeah, we want to be healthy...but for the most part it's about looking a certain way.

I loved how Brent responded.  It was so him to be simply honest and frank.

And then it reminded me of how much pressure is in our culture to always be bettering ourselves.  Sure, I would love to have told our instructor that I have been seeing results and have been losing weight.  But can it also be okay to just be content?  To know we are doing things that are good for us but not worry so much about results?

I have a lot to learn from my husband.  And I am sure that is why he is so good for me.  But it is often in discontentment, not feeling like I am enough, and living a life for results that I am unhappiest.  I think getting there will make me happy when in fact it is the obsession to get there that makes me unhappy.

So whether it be about health, work, my home, or a creative life, I am hoping I can have an attitude of being content in finding a healthy balance.


  1. Ashley, good for you! Remember that being content is a good thing. Don't measure your success by someone else's standards or their image. You are a beautiful woman with lots to offer and your life seems to be exactly where God would have you. Keep your sites on Him and you will always be content! Hugs!!

  2. What a fun thing to do together! Plus you can kick his butt if he ever makes you mad ;) j/k of course ;)

  3. What a great answer! I exercise to keep my heart healthy, but I know if I want to lose weight I have to work on what I'm eating. And you look pretty badass hitting that punching bag. :)


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