The California State Fair

Fun things to do at the California State Fair

Growing up near Sacramento, I have almost always attended the California State Fair.  It was something I grew up doing as a family tradition and continue to do today with my husband.  Things like funnel cake and watching a Vitamix demo call my name every year.  I do feel very grown up now that I bought my own Vitamix.  I call that a state fair dream come true.  But according to these pictures, I don't act too much like an adult.

These epic pictures of life size bubbles pretty much is the entire reason I am writing this post.  I filled it in with a few other pictures but really I am quite proud of the bubbles.  I am pretty sure you can see that in the look on my face...

My sister in law was such a good sport.  We told her she wouldn't have to take a shower that night thanks to the soap.

Another exciting moment that will go down in state fair history is that I milked a cow for the first time.  Brent and my sister in law wanted nothing to do with it so I stood in line all by myself with a bunch of kids to get my chance to squeeze some utters.

And apparently I make the same face whenever I am easily amused.  I am so excited to milk a cow.

The girl told me I was pretty good at it.  I told Brent we needed to get a cow.

// Any epic fair stories you want to share?  Milked a cow before?  Can't get enough of a Vitamix demo?  Tell me I am not alone?!