DIY Mason Jar Travel Cup

DIY Mason Canning Jar Travel Drink Cup

My husband recently helped me make some travel drink cups using mason canning jars.  They are quite possibly one of the cutest drink cups ever and are super easy to make.  The tall size is ideal for a large cup of water or some iced coffee to go.  They also happen to fit into the drink holder in my car.  Double win.

What you will need:

-24 oz. Wide Mouth Canning Jar with Lid and Ring

-Rubber Grommet

-Plastic Reusable Straw (I found mine at BevMo)

-Drill and 27/64 Drill Bit 

-Plastic Reusable Straw (mine are from World Market and can be found here online)

First drill a hold into your lid.  See you can even do this in your living room.  That's how we roll.

Insert rubber grommet.  Done.

What I love about this cup is that the canning jar has measurements on the jar.  I try to drink two glasses of water before every meal and this is my go to cup for that!  Also, because this cup is larger than the average drinking glass, it is the perfect size for my protein shakes that usually spills over on our regular glasses.  Plus it is super duper cute.  Did I say that already?

DIY Mason Canning Jar Travel Drink Cup

Since the canning jars come in a large pack, we made a bunch to save for gifts.  Who wouldn't love a handmade canning jar cup?!