Little Astronaut Halloween Costume

My cutie pie little nephew is dressing up as an astronaut for Halloween this year.  I could not help but blog about it as 1) he is so darn adorable and 2) I am really proud of the photography.  I have not tried any type of "photo shoot" with him in awhile.  I was pleased to find out that he actually followed directions pretty well.  Proof that you should never give up on taking pictures of your kids.  They may just surprise you. 

My nephew is really, really smart.  He loves the planets and knows them by name so dressing up as an astronaut only seemed fitting.  I decided on a whim to make a little chalkboard of planets for him to pose by for the pictures.  You can see that I drew most of them and he made a small effort to get his own drawing in.  I thought it was a good balance of letting him be involved while still be controlling about it all to let him draw one planet.  It makes me laugh to look at the chalkboard.  More of a reflection of me than him!

He is turning three soon and has quite the personality.  Though I still insist on calling him baby (more by habit) he really is turning into a big boy.  These Halloween pictures are such a great reflection of who he is right now.

Thanks to my brother and sister in law for birthing such an adorable baby.  The least I can do is take amazing photos of his cuteness.

My sister in law found his astronaut costume at Pottery Barn Kids