Backyard Birthday and Movie Night

For Brent's birthday last month, we set up a little fall themed birthday in his honor.  I took some of my fall decor from inside the house and a few branches of leaves to create a simple but warm tablescape.

We intended on showing the movie out on the lawn like we usually do until we realized we could play the movie on the patio where the comfy patio furniture was!

My parent's bought us an easy up recently so we were able to bring it out and use it for the first time.

We hosted a simple dinner--hamburgers and all the fixings.

Really because I put all of my time and energy into the dessert...these delicious ice cream cake cupcakes with a chocolate shell!

Of course, being the only child of our family now, my nephew wanted to be right up front for the birthday candles.  We weren't quite sure who was supposed to be the center of attention for the night!

After the birthday festivities, we cuddled up on the patio with our fire pit for an outdoor movie.  I am not sure why we have not thought to set it up here before but it was pretty darn perfect.

A fun and blessed night for my sweet husband.  Though he could care less about having a big birthday party every year, I know that he feels encouraged and thankful when we do.  As we get older and time seems to fly by, we often lose touch with many of our friends who we do not see regularly.  Celebrating and being willing to open up our home has allowed us to keep in touch.