Backyard Pre-Chocolated Smores

My sister in law stayed with us for a couple of days (she stays with us whenever her parents are out of town which is usually a couple of weeks out of the year) so I am always trying to come up with something fun for us to do together.  She is a big foodie and baker like me so making some fancy smores was right up her alley.  We collected graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and a variety of candies and got to work.

So I am calling them pre-chocolated smores...yes, I just made that the chocolate is pre-melted and spread on the graham crackers accompanied by candy of your choice.  I cannot take all the credit.  I got the idea from A Beautiful Mess...though they do not refer to them as pre-chocolated.  That's all me.  

It's very simple...melted chocolate on a double broiler, spread on graham crackers, and topped with candy.  I tried making the smores one side chocolate candy and the other just graham cracker...but the flavors were just not powerful enough.  I recommend using the chocolate candy on each side as the chocolate layer is much thinner than a normal bar of chocolate you would put on a smore.  I suppose this is a no brainer for most people but I try to be fairly straight to hips conscious when I can!

Once the pre-chocolated graham crackers are assembled, they make a pretty impressive spread.

Then off to roast the marshmallows we went!  We ate some as we roasted but we took the majority of them with us to a football game we were going to that night.  I must tell you that these are surprisingly substantially more delicious after they have sat for a few hours.  I am not sure if it is the mixing of flavors but they were really really good later that night.

Smiling for the camera...

...may have resulted in some burnt mallows!  Oh well...still delicious!

And if it just too cold to go outside to roast marshmallows, try cooking them on a gas stove.  It works wonders as well!