Neutral and Calm Bedroom

The last I left you with our bedroom, I was looking for something different.  I was wanting a neutral background with just a pop of color but my "in-between" bedroom decor just was not cutting it for the look I wanted.  When I go in and out of our bedroom during the day, I want it to be one room free of chaos.  I want it to feel calm and welcoming when we put our head down for the night.  I often use hotel rooms as my inspiration for bedrooms.  I desire a place that feels like a retreat that is simple and uncluttered but still plenty of chicness to the room.  I think I have finally found my happy medium.

It started when I moved one of our chairs into our bedroom to make room for a shelf in our living room.  I moved the desk that was in here into our guest bedroom and suddenly there was a whole new feel to our bedroom.

I played off the blue of the chair with the pillows and added just a few pops of tan, brown, and gold.  I am pretty sure this is the look I was trying to accomplish long ago, but with white I do not always think of adding cream colors.  It ended up being the solution to my color problems.

A touch of pink and blue in bold black frames give the room just a little contrast and keep it from feeling too uniform. 

One of my favorite aspects of the room is that you can see the chair from down the hallway.  It adds some style to an otherwise boring hallway and welcomes you into the room.

Two decorative pillows to throw on the ground come bed time is much more bearable than five.  I made the bed feel more lush by adding more pillows that we sleep on (versus decorative ones).  I also took the duvet cover off of the comforter.  It surprisingly makes the room look more streamlined.  And was the cheapest way to create a whole new look without buying a new duvet!

I say this every time but we still sleep on a futon.  I just want to give proof that you can have a beautiful bedroom using what you have.  It does have two mattresses making it higher and more comfortable.  Our room is pretty small so buying a new and bigger bed would just crowd the space.  I imagine we will wait down the line if we ever remodel to a bigger bedroom or one of us starts having a bad back to get a new bed...whichever comes first!

Curtains and shears are from Ikea.  The rest is random odds and ends including our thrifted chandelier.

Painted monogram is from Southern Nest.

Simple, calm, but still luxurious...the goal of my entire room at a time. 

// What inspires how you style your bedroom?