Checking In + Taking Care of Myself

I often check in with myself to make sure I am taking care of myself and staying healthy.  This can be as simple as a daily look at what I have eaten to more long term of what have I accomplished this year or what is my five year plan.  There are a lot of tips and strategies to living a healthy and balanced life, but for me it has been the ability to know myself and when I am being stretched, stressed, or not taking care of myself.

As areas in my life surface I try to be intentional about working at them now.  I was reminded that so many of our deep scars in life do not just go away.  We peel things away layer by layer.  I may not be completely healed of something now, but I am closer to healing with each change I make.

It would be easy to just go with the flow of life and stuff away my issues for the sake of busyness and lack of priority.  But it is by addressing things now--while I am still pretty young, have not brought children into this world, and whatever else stage I am in--that I can peel off another layer for the sake of tomorrow and down the road.

A healthy life does not start tomorrow.  It has to start today.

So when I talk about having a healthy life I categorize it under physical health, spiritual health, and mental health. As well as a creative life, my home, and relationships.  It is already a little exhausting to even look at the list of areas of life that I need to find balance in, but by being aware of the many aspects I can even begin to attempt them.

I have learned that in order to stay on track with these things I have to have a simple check-in with myself.  It consists of asking myself questions like "why I am upset?" or "what is stressing me out right now?"  Am I on the path to living out my priorities and goals?  My body gives physical cues like headaches or stomachaches when I am stressed, so when they occur, I try to stop and assess the situation.  Most recently, I have been trying to also address lies that I tell myself and remind myself of the truth instead.  By retraining my thought, and checking in with myself, I have found a step toward success in making sure I am keeping myself healthy in all areas of life.  And for me this is the key to ensuring a healthy life for many years to come.

// How do you keep yourself healthy as a whole person? Let me know in the comments!
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