Traditional Red Christmas Front Porch

It's been a few years since I decorated with red for Christmas but this year the idea of a little pop of red on our neutral colored house seemed fitting.  There is something about traditional colors on a front porch.  I was thinking the same thing this fall with orange pumpkins outdoors.  I love my white ones inside the house but orange just feels right at the foot of your door.  Perhaps it is the color of our house.  I am not sure.  But whatever the case, I am embracing red this year.

Simple inexpensive wreaths look festive from the street.  I like my more real life looking greenery inside where eyes usually get a little closer look of things.  But when driving by, these little wreaths work well.  And total side note, but can you believe those pink roses are still growing?!

I used satin bows for the wreaths.  Satin is my favorite.  They just sort of hang beautifully.

When I think into the future of things I want for our home I want to remember our white picket fence.  It felt like years went by before we actually put it up.  And here we are at year number two into the Christmas season and I still love it so much.  But it is in seeing it in pictures like these that I am both wowed am reminded that things will happen and when they do it will be perfect.  Be patient Ashley.  You will have a garage some day.

A giant wreath dresses up our front door.  I found this wreath years ago at a thrift store.  It was an exciting find.  I say go big or go home when it comes to the front door.

A little greenery over the door, red poinsettias, and little trees that light up at night...

This is my first year of decorating with real poinsettias.  I bring them in every night to protect them from the cold.  I haven't decided if I would rather get fake ones next time...we will see.  These were a Black Friday find.

The inside of the house is coming up soon!  Have you started decorating for the holidays yet?