The After Party House

The quiet of my home, after hosting a party, is one of my favorite things.  

Once everything gets put away, I am left with a clean and tidy house.  The emptiness after a house full of food and decor feels refreshing.  And if I am lucky enough to have some flowers leftover, placing them purposefully in places for me to enjoy over the next week makes the house feel extra special.

As an introvert, I feel blessed at the relationships built and the conversations had, but having the house all to myself allows for just the quiet I need to let a happy heart settle in.

I love having people in my home, but I also love the quiet when everyone goes home.  My heart is more full than it was before and it reminds me of the blessing that is in welcoming people into my life.

The after party house is one of my favorites.  But I cannot have it until I open up my home and invite people in.  It can be work, that I enjoy, but it is well worth the outcome of deeper relationships and a quiet house that, in its stillness, reminds me of just how much I am blessed.