Coming Home

Thoughts on Coming Home: Taking a slow look at your life and home and really embracing it.

We just got back Sunday from a week long cruise to the Caribbean with Brent's family.  And though we had a wonderful time on our vacation, coming home just felt so good. 

It is no secret that I love my home.  Back when I worked outside of our home, I would leave the house, tell it good bye, and know in my heart that I would much rather be at home.  I literally said good bye, out loud, as I got in my car.  It is an unusual infatuation for the home but it truly is a place of peace and rest for me, even with the occasional stress that simply comes with everyday life.

Dwelling on my love for the home it reminded me that not everyone has this same passion.  I remember in high school I had gone to camp for the week.  We all were sad to go home by the end of the week.  Time free from parents with friends swimming and goofing off all week was definitely a highlight of the summer.  But I remember one girl in particular cried on the bus ride home.  Her home life was so hard that she mourned the idea of "coming home" because being away from home was such a refreshment and enjoyable experience. 

Thoughts on Coming Home: Taking a slow look at your life and home and really embracing it.

Not everyone feels the way I feel about home.  And for me, it is not until I am gone for a week that I realize just how much I love it.  Day after day I take it for granted and see its imperfections.  Stepping through the door after being away took me by surprise.  I saw it's beauty and love that I sometimes forget during the day to day.  I was overtaken by it's quiet, it's love, and it's presence in my life.

Being away always gives me new perspective on my time and my life.  It usually comes around our anniversary in October when I come back from some sort of trip with Brent.  But this year it came early.  For me "being away" means taking a break from the internet, my phone, blogging, and connecting in such a fast paced social media atmosphere.  I love this aspect of my life but it can also be very time and mind sucking. 

So as my feet touch those unfinished hardwood floors and I throw another load of laundry into the wash I want to take a moment and really embrace what it means to be home.  I am reminded to move a little slower so that I can choose this beautiful life I have over the pressure to always be connected. 

I want this slowness to change me.  I don't just want to embrace it for a day or maybe even a week.  I want it to do more.  I want less busy and more heart.  I want more reflection and less running to the next thing. 

I want to come home in my heart.  And I want to stay around and linger for awhile.