Recipe and Note Kitchen Organization

I go through seasons of having a busy and full refrigerator door to needing it clean and uncluttered.  I recently decided to clean it off and get rid of some of the recipes and receipts that so often take over so that all that was left was my menu planner, grocery list, and pens.

I use the side of the refrigerator that is a little more out of sight to hold other things I might need like extra magnets, notepads, and my nephew's "good helper" board.

But I still wanted to have some recipes that I have yet to try out as well as our running receipt/budget notebook.  So I transferred these things from the refrigerator to the side wall by the microwave which serves as another little hiding place out of sight.  I used a clip board to hold the notebook and a small memo board and push pins to collect recipes on.

I try to keep my recipe binder full of only recipes that I have tried and want to keep.  This keeps the paper clutter down and encourages me to actually try those recipes and not just store them away. 

We seem to always have a paper pile of some sort.  It seems to be inevitable with bills, mail, and whatever I am currently working on.  But with my new little system, things like recipes and receipts now have a place instead of taking over.  A small win in my pursuit of a clutter free home.