Glorious Treats Cookie Decorating Birthday Party

My sweet younger sister in law has always been a big fan of all things baking.  For her birthday party this year she booked a cookie decorating class with the lovely and talented Glory of Glorious Treats.  Glory is a very popular and well known cookie and baking blogger.  It is such a privilege to have the chance to know her in real life and live in the same city where we actually got one on one lessons in her very own home!  Women all over the internet just died of jealousy. 

Glory taught us the basics of sugar cookie decorating through the process of flooding.  We all got to take home a copy of her rolled sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe, along with some sweet little cookie decorating goodies.

Glory is extremely talented and a great teacher.  I loved that we could be in her home where all her baking magic happens!  I love the personal side of blogging and so being in her home filled my little blog loving heart!

Even the setup she had for us was so inspiring!  Everything was prepped and ready for us, all easily accessible for decorating.  This would make a great setup for your own little cookie decorating party (even if you fill those bags with store bought frosting...I won't tell!).

She even baked cupcakes for the birthday girl!  They were amazing no surprise.

We took a short break in between icing layers to dry for cake and presents.  We then returned to finishing off the cookies.

Our cookies were a fun summer theme and quite possibly the cutest food I have ever made!

Glory has a little stash of some of her favorite cookies and examples for cookie classes.  Here are a few of the beauties!

My finished cookies, on it's own little plate to take home.

Such a special birthday for my fun and talented sister in law!  I see many more baking creations in her future!

For more cookie ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out Glory's blog, Glorious Treats!