Cleaning Jewelry at Home

Cleaning my own jewelry is one of those at home conveniences that has proven to be worth a small investment.  Being able to clean my jewelry whenever I want and not drive the 20 minutes to my jeweler or trusting some mall jewelry employee with my rings saves me time and stress.  Instead I clean my rings on a regular basis at home which keeps my rings clean and shining.

What prompted me to try cleaning jewelry at home was that I used to get dry and itchy skin under my rings.  Over time the dirt and soap my ring got exposed to, especially in those tiny holes for the little diamonds, would start irritating my skin.  Not knowing what to do I would stop wearing my rings for a few days for my skin to go back to normal only to have it start again because the rings were still dirty.  

So thanks to my handy husband, in came the ultrasonic cleaner.  He used a giant ultrasonic cleaner when he used to work at a motorcycle shop where they would use it to clean large motorcycle parts.  How it works is that is uses high frequency pressure (sound) waves to clean items. 

We picked up this little one from Harbor Freight, but you can also find them online.  I fill it up with water, drop a few drops of dish soap, and put my jewelry in to clean.

It runs for a few minutes then automatically shuts off.  So simple and easy.

Though this little machine takes up some prime real estate under our kitchen sink, it is well worth it for the convenience and cleaning up keep I am able to have with my jewelry.  Because all it uses is water, soap, and sound waves, it is also completely safe on jewelry.  So when people ask if I just got married, I laugh and tell them no...I just clean my rings!