Fall, Fake Pumpkins, and Embracing Some Simplicity

Though it may not feel like it temperature wise, I am embracing the beginning days of fall.  Early morning breeze and the occasional rain has got me in the mood for one of my favorite seasons.  Here in Sacramento we usually do not get a complete taste of fall until later this month, but that does not keep me from pulling the pumpkins out!

As I shared in a previous post, we have been in a busy season.  Accompanied by a trip we are taking for our five year anniversary, I just haven't been as fully into fall nesting as previous years.  This is the first year that I listened to my craving for less and did not let blogging pressure prompt me to deck the house with all things autumn.  So this year I have just a few outdoor pieces.  All fake pumpkins to add a little festivity to our home.  I always like the simplicity of pretty farmhouses with just a few pumpkins on the porch.  That was my inspiration this year.

I found these darling striped navy pillows at the Pottery Barn Outlet while driving through Southern California a few weeks ago.  They were only $8 for outdoor pillows!  Quite a find--that PB Outlet!

My friend dropped off some birch tree wood to decorate our fireplace.  They haven't made it into the house yet, but they add a nice touch of fall to our porch for now.

We host a few outdoor parties in the fall so I put out some more fake pumpkins in the backyard.

I've always had a thing for fake pumpkins.  They do themselves justice in appearing real, in my opinion.  We invested in a bunch of these for our wedding and since I have such a large collection, I cannot help but embrace them each year as they continue to save me money.  I love a trip to the pumpkin patch and some years I buy a few real ones.  But being able to put the pumpkins out whenever I want without costing any money, saves me some pennies for new fall boots instead!