I Stopped Weighing Myself

After coming back from our vacation to Paris I have decided to stop weighing myself.  Being in a country filled with beauty but not so much vanity was so refreshing.  I was inspired to be more thoughtful in putting together my outfits but less concerned about tight abs.

Being in Paris in the fall is a beautiful time.  Gorgeous jackets, tights, classic flats, and glorious scarves.  I wrapped myself in fall fashion beauty and felt fabulous in Paris.

I still feel shocked at how many work out machines and scantly dressed women on TV I see being back in America.  I yearn for the simple beauty I encountered in Paris.

So when we came home I decided I didn't want to weigh myself anymore.  I would continue to exercise and watch what I ate but I would stop letting a number define seasons of my life.

The thing is I can tell you how much I weighed when I got married and how much I weighed when we went to Puerto Vallarta.  I look back at pictures and remember what a certain number on a scale looked like.

A week before we left for Paris I kicked my workout into gear and ate a tight diet.  I wanted to feel my best in Paris.  I wanted to feel good about how I looked in our photos.  And I wanted to freely eat baguettes.

But I also knew that having a number in my head could set me up for disappointment before the trip so I stopped weighing myself.  I could only do so much.  I worked hard and then I chose to let it go.

I didn't want to remember Paris and associate it with a number on a scale.  Paris deserved more than that.  I only wanted fond memories.  And that's what I got.

Since then, not only have I realized how much a number affects my mood and day to day but I grew tired of associating vacations and milestones of my life with my weight.  I suppose there will come a day that I will weigh myself again but for now I am enjoying not knowing.  I will admit I am a bit thicker than I would like to be right now but I am not going to let it keep me from continuing my Paris inspired dress code and leaving the house with my chin high.

Because that is what they do in Paris.  And I am going to embrace this season of daydreaming the Parisian life as long as it will last.