Moms Group: Potted Canning Jar Plants

The Moms Group that I coordinate at my church is in full swing.  We are into our second session now and time just seems to fly by these days.  But I am grateful for this awesome group of women that gather together weekly, sharing in life, and doing fun things like pot plants together.

For one of our recent crafts we planted flowers and succulents into canning jars.  For the project we set up a potting station consisting of small gravel rocks (for draining in the jar), dirt, plants, and canning jars.  We also set up tissue paper, paper, and kebab skewers to party up their plants with banners and such.

I brought some big storage containers and baking trays to organize the materials trying to prevent too much of a mess!

The women enjoyed picking out their own plants and flowers and dressing up their jar to their liking.  I always love to see the different personalities and designs that come through creating together.

Here are just a few of our little creations.  Our theme for the year is "Bloom" based off of 1 Peter 4:10 so we thought this fun little planting project would encourage the women to bloom where they are planted.

We had a few extra plants when we were finished so we delivered them to our awesome volunteers who help with our children's programming as well as to the sweet women who work in the church office.  A fun morning of creating and chatting as well as spreading some love to others around us!