Stress-Free Confidence This Holiday Season

I’m excited to share a post with you today that’s all about staying confident even when you’re battling a cold sore.  When a cold sore strikes I don’t feel or act like myself.  With the holiday season approaching I don’t want a cold sore to dampen my spirits or slow me down.  That is why I keep Abreva® cream on hand to treat my cold sore at the very first sign.  Read below to discover other simple ways you can keep your confidence high this holiday season.

We are in the midst of a busy time of year.  Between balancing gift buying, decorating, making time for traditions, and planning holiday festivities with friends and family--though I love all of these things--they add a lot of stress to this joyful season.  While I do my best to let go of perfection, allowing myself to do less, and prioritizing my time and needs of my family, stress is often inevitable.

I am a pretty sensitive person as a whole--though my husband jokes he thinks I am more emotionally sensitive than physically sensitive!  While I have a tougher exterior than I do emotionally, I still have learned to baby myself back to health at the first sign of illness.  Trying to push through it all has seemed to only keep me sick longer.  Something like catching an extra nap or canceling on being out for the evening proves to be worth preserving my health (and positive attitude!) in the long run. 

In order to keep the peace in my own home and my heart this season, I try to do a few things to make sure that I am filling my life with joy while staying confident in myself.

1. Prepare Early
Whether this is buying gifts or planning a menu ahead of time, the more I can do early on, the less stressful it becomes.  After a few years of trying out baked goods, I have landed on a go-to pumpkin bread recipe that I give out as a baked good gift.  I now cook my fall pumpkins in November and freeze to be used with this bread.  I have also tested freezing the bread for months, and it still comes out moist and delicious.  This allows me to bake the bread weeks in advance.  Knowing that I have a staple recipe to rely on year after year allows me to prepare early.

2. Continue Taking Care of Myself
Eating healthy and finding time for exercise (as well as rest!) keeps me feeling centered and confident.  I can feel less guilty about the sweet treats I am indulging in, but even more, my heart and mind get a break from the busyness when I make the time to get outside for a run.  Getting plenty of sleep and making time to enjoy what brings me happiness this time of year allows me to extend that love and joy to others.  It is so easy to cut back on some of those good for you habits when we feel we are down to crunch time with the holidays.  But making the smallest of time just for me ensures my sanity during such a busy time of year.

3. Letting Go
It is so easy for me to get caught up in buying the perfect gift and making everyone else around me happy.  When in fact, this issue is often just a mask for insecurities and people pleasing.  One gift and one event will not (and should not) break a relationship.  If it is, I have bigger problems on my hands.  But I often allow my own guilt at the thought of disappointment foreshadow reality.  At the same time, some people will never be happy because of unrealistic expectations and so my extra effort to grudgingly be more kind and thoughtful sometimes is not enough.  Once again, I just have to let it go.

While I have the best intentions every year to have a more peaceful, joyful, and confident holiday season, I still come around to these same reminders because finding that balance is hard.  I can do my best to control my heart and home, but at the end of the day sometimes life happens.  And even if I don't even realize it, my body makes sure to let me know.  And it is usually in the form of a cold sore.

Any time I do not get enough sleep or am overly stressed, the first area of my body to respond is usually a cold sore.  Though I welcome the reminder to slow down or calm down, that tingly sensation on my mouth can be the worst.  There is nothing like a big red bump on my face to keep me from feeling my best.

Over the years of running to the drug store for a remedy to my cold sores, it has been Abreva® cream that I keep coming back to.  Being able to catch and take care of a cold sore as soon as possible guarantees these pesky stress reminders will go away soon.  While I take a quick cat nap and choose to let go of a few things, Abreva® cream does the work of getting rid of those cold sores for me.

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