Scrap Fabric Striped Baby Quilt

Very quickly after I started watching my second nephew did I realize this drooling milk spitting little one needed his own blanket.  Within a few short weeks of putting out my first handmade quilt for him, I grew tired of constantly washing the giant thing as well as not having it readily available for my adult quilt sitting purposes.  Nothing kills a romantic picnic in the park like the stench of baby milk!

While I loved making my first quilt, it was a lot of work.  Making that quilt was a check off of my creative bucket list but the thought of going through the process again just seemed impossible for this lazy sewer.  So having a reason to make another quilt was really the only way making a second one was going to happen.  Wanting to make another quilt was out of the question.  We are talking about preserving that labor of love from milk and blow outs.

This time around I did not have the energy, time, or help to make anything complicated.  So I went through my small fabric stash and found a few strips of fabric.  All but one of the patterns were from my first quilt which made for a very fun matching baby quilt.  I took the shortest piece and cut down all the other fabric to the same length.  I lucked out and it was just big enough for a small quilt.  

For the most part I eyeballed all the cutting and sewing.  I made a few mistakes but was able to throw the thing together without too much extra work. 

I sewed the strips together and ironed it all down.

As you can see from the top it is not perfect.  I knew that putting it all together would make my imperfect sewing appear slightly more forgiving.  

I had one large piece of fabric that I thought went well with the other colors.  I laid the quilt top on top of the fabric and eyeballed cut it.

Again, not perfect.  But good enough.  Professional home sewers everywhere will probably die seeing this photo.  I purchased batting at the craft store.  I went with what seemed the most cozy but also was on sale.  I think it cost me $13 or $30.  Probably $13.  Three is sticking in my mind for some reason.  But since I had all the fabric already, this made for a pretty inexpensive quilt. 

 I lined all three pieces together--top quilt, batting, and bottom fabric--and pinned them together.

Then I got to sewing.

Once all the sides were sewn together I sewed down each line of fabric to finish it off.

As you can see from the bottom fabric, I sewed each strip of fabric down on both sides.  When it came to finishing off the edge, I went with easy and just covered it with the same bottom fabric.

About four days had gone on by now so I was pretty over this whole project.  I threw together the finishing corners.  No one will notice. 

I made my second quilt.  A huge accomplishment in my opinion.  Even if it is imperfect.

I recently had seen that one of the Thirty-One bags (organizing utility tote) fits most standard sewing machines pretty perfectly.  I am kind of in love with tucking it away and having it an easy to carry bag.  In case, you know, I join a quilting circle or something like that.  That was sarcasm in case you didn't catch that.

After all that lazy imperfectionist sewing, I'd say it didn't come out half bad.  The baby seems to like it.

Now he can roll, crawl, suck, spit, poop, and whatever his little heart desires on this thing.  Happy aunt, happy life.