Under the Bar Gallery Wall

Sometimes I look around my house and literally all I see are gallery walls.  Can you ever have too many gallery walls?  According to my house the answer is no.  I think the main thing that keeps the gallery walls each unique is the placement as well as what fills the frames.  This under the bar gallery wall is especially one of a kind as it is presented in an irregular place.

Before this gallery wall we had a few bar stools that rarely got sat on.  The bar is a bit too high for the stool levels we had and so instead they just collected stuff.  Plus the feet marks that got left behind were definitely undesirable.  So I moved the bar stools and lived with this space blank for awhile.  It felt clean and spacious to have the walkway open and eventually I got the idea to fill the space with a gallery wall instead.

The spacing is a little awkward as the brackets holding up the bar restricted the size of frames that would fit so I had to move things around to get it right.  

In reality, since it is close to the floor, frames sometimes get bumped if we collect things on the ground or my baby nephew chooses to be a little mischievous.  But I try to keep an eye on it which has kept it from being an issue worth taking down.

The art is a collection of flowers, places we have traveled to, and photos.  I tried to do a mix of colored frames to pull the different colors together.

Here is also where my Instagram inspired collage print hangs.

Because the frames are lower than eye level, it draws attention to an otherwise unnoticed place.  I like that it brings the eyes to notice the hardwood floor as well as towards the gallery wall in our living room down the stairs.

Creating this gallery wall in an unusual place reminded me that every blank wall is fair game.  Plus it encouraged me to think outside of the box in using my home in ways that fit our family and not necessarily what a builder had envisioned for it.