Oregon Anniversary Trip Blurb Photo Book

I finally got around to another photo book from a trip we took last year.  I am in love with how beautifully printed this fall trip to Oregon came out.  I tend to go through seasons of printing out books (as you may have noticed I am on photo book overload currently).  But with each season I tend to go with a similar style of how I put the pages together.  I have really liked the look of white space which is seen both in the cover text (cover is made in Photoshop and then uploaded) as well as throughout the book.

The book is printed through Blurb, my all time favorite photo book company.  :)

Last year for our anniversary we headed to Oregon to celebrate four years of marriage.  You can read all the details about where we stayed and what we did here.  But do give you a general background, we stayed in Silverton at the loveliest hotel and garden.  We then headed to Portland for one very packed day. 

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