Backyard Patio Dinner Party

Since moving our patio furniture down into the garden, we hosted our first little dinner party of the season in the backyard.  Since there was just four of us, we enjoyed the intimate seating on our patio furniture. 

I dragged out the bar cart to use to serve drinks.  The small detail makes this space feel intentional and luxurious.

By bringing a little of the indoors outside, we had a beautiful and simple dinner ambiance.

I am pretty predictable when it comes to my color schemes.  Whether indoors or out I have pink flowers and blue pillows.  I know what I like and what works and so I continually add more pink flowers to my yard and search for navy outdoor pillows in different designs.  It actually makes life a lot easier knowing exactly what to shop for and what to plant in my garden. 

To serve dinner, I pulled out a round folding table to place the food on.

Like I have said before, being out and watering my plants weekly has transformed my love for our yard.  By spending time outside on an almost daily basis, I am becoming more creative and inspired in how we set up our space.  I already have plans for other little cement slabs to create multiple small seating spaces amongst the flowers. 

I want entertaining to be simpler but still beautiful.  Besides prepping dinner, I set up the bar cart and the folding table.  It really was not much extra work but in being intentional in how we use our outdoor furniture, I now have a cozy spot that is readily available for entertaining.

And while I have gotten rid of all my other potted decorative plants, this one little fern has served me well.  It has lasted years simply being outside.  It adds just an extra bit of detail without fully furnishing the space with extra unnecessary items.

We served a lemon and chicken pasta with garlic bread and salad.

Grateful for the season of outdoor entertaining!  A beautiful time spent with friends and family in the beauty of nature!