Girls Night In: Game Night

I recently hosted a ladies game night at my house for the women in the Moms Group that I run.  Knowing that it would be a smaller gathering, I wanted to set up an intimate and fun place in our living room for us to sit around to chat, eat, and play games.  While I have done many large gatherings in our home, setting up these small ones have been just as fun.

I wanted to up my food game a bit with fancy food that was easy.  So in came plenty of crackers and cheese, candied nuts, fruit, and pre-made refrigerator chocolate chip cookies.  Plus my ampersand cheese board makes anything look fancier.

Because these gatherings are low key and about the company, I put my energy in tidying up the house and putting out the food and did not have to worry about decorations or creating a full meal.  Low key and simple but still plenty attention to detail was my goal. 

Because we would be gathering over games, I wanted the food to be in reach but also provide places for drinks to be set down and plenty of spots to sit at.  I pulled out a few extra side tables to make room for the games and cups.

The night ended up being just lovely.  We ate ourselves silly and laughed the night away.  Cozy and comfortable was the ideal setting to hosting this game night.

Here are a few of my favorite group games.  Last Word is by far my favorite.  

For drinks I set up a coffee and tea bar.

Along with my serious collection of Torani syrups!

This coffee urn is so handy for serving groups.  I now use it almost any time we have people over.

I also had out some lemon sweet tea.

Not only was the focus on my guests being comfortable, but preparing easy and simple food and drinks makes me a lot less busy and instead more attentive to my guests.  It proved to work in my favor as we sat around the yummy food and good company.  A successful game night in my book!