New Additions to Our Master Bedroom

Every few months I seem to make little adjustments around the house.  They are often not worthy of their own blog post until I make multiple changes.  And even then, by the time I take photos and blog about it, something else is different!  It is the never ending process of making my house a home.

I have seemed to settle in with where things are in my home and how our home functions, which is a wonderful thing.  But no major transformations or "reveals" around here much these days.  Just living and puttering around when it comes to home decor.  But it is a good place to be.  I believe it is contentment.  And in this every changing world called the internet, it is not necessarily keeping up.  But it is happy and that is what I hope to share with you today. 

I am trying to keep our table tops around the house clutter free these days.  I have been intentional in bringing some beauty into the essentials.  An agate coaster for my water and a pretty jewelry box for my glasses and wedding ring bring together fashion and function.

After weighing whether or not I wanted to paint the headboard wall of our room grey, I went with less risky and time consuming and found some grey pillow shams instead.  They were just enough contrast I was looking for without committing to a new paint color.  Because we do not have an actual headboard, I have used propping up pillows as a way to add interest to our bed.

I always tuck my husband's alarm clock behind a pillow when I take pictures of our bedroom.  He then later that night asks me why his alarm clock is hiding in the bed!  But this time around I forgot.  It is really hard to find pretty functioning alarm clocks that are not super expensive.  So until I find the perfect one, we have this one that is practically falling apart but keeps my husband getting to work on time!

I decided to get rid of my alarm clock as it was big and bulky.  I started using my phone when I need an alarm.  But I started to miss having a clock around (my husband's clock is set at something like thirty minutes fast and I can never keep up with what the actual time is).  So instead I added a small wall clock to our mini gallery wall. 

One of my favorite additions is this lion wall hook.  I have my current favorite necklaces hanging there that are now easy to grab.

I also recently purchased my first decorative rug.  We have runners and kitchen or doorway rugs but never a rug that it's purpose was solely for decoration.  I wanted to break up the open carpet area in front of our bed.  So I found this rug for only $20 at Ross and gave it a try. 

I feel very grown up and stylish that I have a decorative rug in our bedroom.  It's pretty silly but I absolutely love it! 

They are not big changes but they are small ones that have really pulled together our bedroom.  My goal is always to make it feel slightly upscale and luxurious like a hotel room.  I am slowly getting there making the most with what we have (a futon!).  And it has become a quiet retreat to come back to each night.