Where My Words Have Been

About a year ago it was placed on my heart to take my words, my heart, these things I share on this blog, and bring them to everyday life.  I felt lead to have the conversations we have here online in real life.  And through a series of events it is what spurred on creating a moms group at my church.

We just wrapped up our first year of programming and it has been a huge blessing to me.  Though it was not absent of difficult seasons and a lot of hard work, overall it was just where I was supposed to be.  Over the past few months I found myself finding my place.  Finding my voice for these women...and bravely sharing it.

While I still believe to have been my normal blogging self, there are things that I shared in person that I added on my mind's to do list to eventually blog about but it just never happened.  It was an interesting experience - to come up with well thought out statements and not share them online.

This space has become the voice in my head, the soap box I stand on, and a place to share my heart.  And while I meant well in coming back here to sit and type what was on my heart, I learned to be content in knowing that the words I shared in person were enough.  That speaking to twenty three women was just as important as typing to hundreds.  And perhaps in person they were even more powerful when said with my mouth and a physical presence.

So as I go into the summer season and we take a break from our mom's ministry, I am eager to be here again.  Not that either is better or more important but that my words are placed in different places for different seasons.  I look forward to writing and documenting this season.  And I sense a calmness in sitting down to type versus an urgency to keep up.

I do not know where blogging will be ten years from now but as long as things do not change too much, I see myself continuing to do this for a long time.  I love this space.  I love this community.  And I love that this blog is the place where I have learned to be brave with my words.  To be thoughtful and kind yet truthful and honest.

It is in taking a break from one thing that I gain margin for another.  It is comforting to know this place is always here for me to come back to.  A blank space to share my words.