Capsule-ish Wardrobe

Like many, I have had the capsule wardrobe on the brain.  In case you are not up on this current minimalistic fashion trend, a capsule wardrobe is a streamlined wardrobe of just the essentials.  While I loved the concept, one of the main aspects that was holding me back is that I do not really have seasonal wardrobes.  All of my items are worn year around minus a few pair of shorts and winter coats.  So I wanted to come up with a system that worked for me while still holding on to the idea of a capsule wardrobe. 

My goal was to come up with outfits.  I wanted to be able to grab a top and bottom and not spend time mixing and matching as much.  For a majority of the sets I put together, many had multiple tops for one bottom.  It was not limited to one outfit.  Of course I can waiver from these sets but ultimately I wanted to be able to pick out an outfit, know that I like how it looks and feel good in it. 

My everyday clothes run from the pink robe to where the door ends.  Behind the robe, towards the back of the closet, are sweaters, jackets, and my giant wedding dress hiding back there.  The top shelf bins hold costume type clothing (Halloween, old sport jerseys, etc.) and the two smaller boxes have birthday party decor.  I am not sure how they ended up in here but it has become it's permanent place.

My other goal was to organize the other half of my closet and make it more decorative.  I wanted some of my nicer handbags to be put on display (up top and in bags) and keep the top of the dresser clear.  It occasionally gets piles on it but for the most part, I am not cluttering it with permanent stuff.

I also painted parts of the dresser white.  It was a little too shabby chic for my taste these days so adding the contrast of white gave it a little update without committing to finding something new.

Early on in our marriage, my husband and I shared this closet.  I try to keep this in mind as I fill it up because one day we may need to share this closet again and so I want to keep things to a minimum. 

While I do not have a ton of clothes (at least in my opinion) I have a large amount of workout and lounge type clothes.  Besides undergarments, the dresser holds all my stretchy clothes I am so fond of!

On the opposite side of the closet we have these weird but still helpful shelves.  I try to space things out as much as possible since the shelves are so deep and things are hard to move around.  Using baskets helps keep things organized.  On the shelves I have more seasonal items like tights, swimsuits, and hats.

Since I took the previous photos, I decided to move the black and white art to a different room.  I added a few decorative items to finish the space off.

It might not be a capsule, but it is pretty minimal compared to wardrobes I have had in the past.  Now that I have outfits coordinated, I am working through seeing which ones I gravitate to the most.  The items that I am not wearing, I hope to eventually get rid of.  But the test of time will tell.