Moms Group End of the Year Party and Chocolate Fountain Bar

Back in May we ended our moms group that I run for the school year.  To celebrate the end of the year, we had a fun morning of community, crafting, and a breakfast surrounded around a chocolate fountain!

For the chocolate fountain, we served a variety of pastries and fruit along with some yogurt for protein sake.

I set up a little photo booth for the ladies to take pictures.

The breakfast was a hit.  Something about chocolate for breakfast just seems right!  The morning felt celebratory which I had hoped for.  While we were sad to close our regular meetings for the summer, my hope is that it will only make us look forward to gathering together again in the fall.

We left the ladies with a few goodies - some flowers (from my mom!), a little reminder of the theme "Bloom," and a flyer of upcoming summer activities to stay in touch.

We played a version of BINGO but it was called WOMEN.  It was a fun ice breaker that got everyone on their feet and talking.  You can find the game to download here.

For our craft we made mod podge tile magnets.  We picked from scrapbook paper and washi tape to decorate our tiles and used paint pens to add words or decoration.  They were then covered with mod podge and got a magnet glued to the back. 

And here are mine hanging up on the refrigerator.

This past year has been such a blessing with these women.  Creating and running a new ministry has had it's highs and lows.  But for our first year I think we were rather successful at bringing together women in community with one another.  While I am enjoying this little break over the summer, the planning for the fall is already in full swing.  Looking forward to the continued growth and community that is to come!