Easiest Mexican Pizza Recipe

I love Mexican pizzas.  Love love.  But I'll admit I think the only non-homemade Mexican pizza I have eaten is from Taco Bell.  But, hey, they sure are good (at least in my opinion!).  I have made Mexican pizzas in the oven and they are great but I recently tried frying the tortilla first and it made a world of difference!  So good.

All I do is fry the tortillas in a little oil on the stove.  Once they are done I top with warmed beans, salsa, tomatoes, spinach, maybe meat, and some cheese.  Then I top with another fried tortilla with some salsa and cheese on top.  Then I pop it in the broiler until the cheese is melted.  Utterly amazing.  The frying really makes this over the top.

If you want to be less indulgent, you can always bake the tortillas in the oven instead of frying for a lighter but still crispy shell.

Mexican Pizza

-Refried beans (warmed)
-Meat (optional, warmed)
-Other veggies (optional)

Fry tortilla shell in oil on stove top flipping until fried on each side.

Top one tortilla shell with beans, meat, salsa, cheese, and veggies.  Top with second fried tortilla.  Top with more salsa and cheese.

Broil (or bake) until cheese is melted on the top and Mexican pizza is warmed through.