Stripes and Hydrangeas: Backyard Birthday Party

Earlier this summer we hosted a backyard birthday party for my mom and cousin.  The summer time is a full entertaining season for us so we take advantage of our large backyard space for hosting friends and family.

My hydrangeas were at their peak of the season so I used them as the main decor.  I recently picked up some Chinese tea tins that added a little color to the simple but thoughtful tablescape. 

I am sure I have said it before but our drink staples are water and lemonade.  For the lemonade I either use Country Time or Crystal Light.  Lately I have been giving it a splash of lemon juice to give it some natural tartness.  But lemonade is something we always have on hand that is easy and inexpensive when feeding a crowd.  No one has yet to complain and one little boy at one of our yard sales even told me it was the best lemonade he ever tasted!

I have been very into mixing florals and stripes these days.  It is quickly becoming my favorite combination.

When we have twenty or less people, I like to sit us all at one long table family style.  It provides more crossover conversation and feeling like everyone is included.  Once we have over 30 I separate people out amongst different tables.

Is anyone over paper straws yet?  They seem to just dissolve in your cup after awhile.  I am still trying to get through my last batch that I have.

The yard always gets cleaned up and mowed before a party keeping the space kept up.  I am telling you, it is simply the motivation of having people over that keeps my house clean!  

Here are a few photos from after the festivities.  The sun was pretty bright at one point so we ended up moving the chairs over to the patio to open gifts.  I enjoy seeing the various areas of our yard get used in one setting.  Makes me feel like we are putting all that space to good use!

As the years have gone by I have learned what I enjoy and do not enjoy about entertaining.  I am trying to keep it simple with pretty details that make me happy but do not overwhelm.  I am not perfect and I stress out.  But it is in looking back at these sweet settings that I am reminded why I put in the effort that I do - spending precious time with others.