Moms Group Leadership Team Binders

The moms group I am a part of is kicking off it's second year this fall!  Now that I have a whole year under my belt, things are starting to become routine and I have also learned where I would like to be more intentional in pouring my energy.

One of my favorite aspects of running a ministry is pouring into the leadership team.  Our leadership meetings and training are always fun for me to plan.  This year I wanted to provide our leadership team with everything in one handy place.  This was both for their sake as well as mine.  They loved receiving a pretty new binder and I was happy to provide them with all the information they might need so that important information is not misplaced. 

So one glorious afternoon I spent at least an hour in Walmart drooling over all of their fabulous back to school supplies.  I ended up picking out a binder, folder, and notebook for each woman.  I literally was laying them out in the middle of the aisle to get the right color combinations! 

I loved carefully putting the patterns together.  Be still my color and pattern loving heart!

I am always so tempted to buy school supplies for myself that I really don't need.  So having a reason to indulge my back to school supply shopping temptations was pure bliss!

I also found some silver letter stickers while at Walmart that each woman got to use to put their first initial on their binder.

Besides group information, I also supplied each binder with note cards to use to write to the women in their table groups.

While I try to be really intentional at being organized and encouraging others with my words, I realize that this is not everyone's same skill set.  By equipping and making some of these tasks easier on my team, I am setting them up for success.  They in turn challenge me with their gifts and talents creating a well balanced leadership team.