Moms Group Table Decor

One of my favorite things about running a moms group is all the girly details.  This year our theme is "Whatever is Lovely" and I wanted to create table decor that would be both girly but modern.  It is easy to lean towards the familiar shabby chic and tea type decor.  So I racked my brain pretty hard this time around to give it a more sophisticated look.

So I went with my current decor obsessions -- pink orchids contrasting with black/navy and white.

I try to use a mix of what I have on hand (or my mom will let me borrow at her flower shop) and store bought items.  This helps cut back on the cost a little bit.  My mom made the galvanized pots for me and I added the table numbers.  Simple candle holders and tea cups are being used to hold pens.  I also decided to go with runners instead of patterned fabric table cloths to give off a little more white space on the tables.

We also had a promo table that was set up at church on Sunday mornings for sign ups and information.  I used some of the existing table decor to dress it up.  I had extra tins to use and because I just purged all my colored card stock I used brown CD covers and stickers to write out MOMS! 

This white tassel banner a friend made for me has served me well.  The neutral color has allowed me to use it for all kinds of things all year around. 

And yes, I even mock everything up at home before it gets used!  The attention to detail is so fun for me!

I am looking forward to a great second year of running our moms group!