That Time I Snapchatted: A Video

Back in the summer/fall of last year, I was super into Snapchat.  I still enjoy the app and follow a few people there but for the most part I don't "snap" much anymore.  It was super fun and inspired my view on taking short video clips (which has changed how I take videos when traveling).  But it became another thing I wanted to save and document forever.  I couldn't allow myself to just enjoy it.  I wanted to preserve it.

So for that short time, I finally put together a little video of my snaps.  I sped it up quite a bit so I could fit 17 minutes of video into 3.  It was actually really fun and makes me want to start snapchatting again.  I am thinking it would be a cute and easy way to document the rest of this pregnancy.  We will see...

But I think the thing that I love the most about this video is the season it documents.  It was the few months before we got pregnant.  I was running a lot and eating super healthy so I felt really good.  Brent and I were bike riding a ton because the weather was nice and we were out and about on the weekends.  My youngest nephew had been walking by now and was developing quite the personality.  We were past the baby phase and I started really enjoying my time with my nephews.

I'm sure, as with any season, there were their own struggles.  But it captures a time that was more carefree.  We were in between life seasons and it was really nice to just be.  I suppose it is a reminder to try to be present in wherever life has you, as I will most likely look back one day nostalgically even though in the midst of it, it may have been hard.

So in case I start snapchatting again, my profile name is @domesticfash.  And if not, here is proof I snapchatted once!

Click here to watch on YouTube if you are having trouble viewing this video.