Watching the Bump Grow: Weeks 5-22

When we found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I did was find an app to walk me through this pregnancy.  It was an easy way to follow along on how each week progressed secretly until we were ready to share the news with the rest of the world.  I didn't dare leave any baby books lying around to spoil our exciting news!

There are a lot of apps out there but I stumbled upon the Baby Center My Pregnancy Today app and immediately fell in love with their "Bumpie" feature.  Each week I get a reminder to take a selfie of my bump to watch our little one grow and I can even jot down a few notes of what has been happening that week.

Pre-pregnancy Ashley had big ideas of setting up a tripod each week, feeling great and dressing my best.  But that has proven to not be the case after all.  See week seven for example.  It's pretty much how I looked and felt for many weeks of my first trimester.  Hiding in my pajamas in and out of bed!  I know I will treasure these photos for years to come even though I am currently grunting through accepting the changes that are happening to my body!

Week 5 - Just found out I'm pregnant!  Looking forward to our first doctor's appointment!

Week 6 - Morning Sickness!!!  Is the worse!

Week 7 - Tired, nauseous, tired!

Week 8 - Feeling changes!

Week 9 - Finally started telling people about baby and it makes me so happy!

Week 10 - One more week until our next appointment!

Week 11 - We made it!  Almost to the 2nd trimester!  Told all our family at Christmas!

Week 12 - Morning sickness is starting to fade!  Feeling a bit like myself again!

Week 13 - Belly is starting to grow!

Week 14 - 14 weeks on the East Coast.  Heading to Washington DC today!

Week 15 - Still on the East Coast.  Baby is the size of an apple!

Week 16 - Starting to show.  Everyone is congratulating us now that we are back home!

Week 17 - Bump is really starting to show!  Trying to eat better and exercise again now that I am not sick!

Week 18 - First stranger asked when the baby is due!  I guess I'm officially showing!

Week 19 - It's a...boy!!!

Week 20 - 20 weeks little boy!  Size of a banana!

Week 21 - Feeling this little guy grow!

Week 22 - Made baby's quilt this week!  This little human is becoming more real!  Started to feel movement!

// I am a little over half way through this pregnancy which seems wild.  We are still working on a name and I am trying to enjoy this "honeymoon" season where I am feeling better and have a bit more energy.  I will be sure to share the second half bump photos near the end or after we have the baby.  Crazy!!!