Elegant and Rustic Outdoor Easter

We hosted Easter again this year and lucked out with some of the greatest Spring weather.  Last year it rained so we had to have it indoors and the year before it was so warm we put out a pool for the kids!  But this year was just perfect.  Not too hot and not too cold.  It invited our family to linger and chat into the late afternoon making for a wonderful and relaxing day.

I wanted something simple and elegant.  I have been finding myself drawn to rustic greenery against an all white backdrop.  Plus being pregnant and all I did not have the same time and energy I have had in the past to plan things ahead of time.

I was quite happy with how everything turned out and that it didn't require a ton of prep work.  My parents came over the day before to help me set up the tables.  Then my mom cut branches from our olive tree and tied them together for the garland.  We left it sitting out on the table overnight and I sprayed it with water a few times that day and Easter morning to keep them from drying out to much.  Then the day of I put out the table cloths and candles.  My mom arrived a little early with some white flowers that she tucked inside the greenery.

I used brown kraft paper as runners to add a little more color and rustic look.

We set up the food tables underneath our EZ-UP.  While we didn't need it much for the sun, having them up made the whole set up look a little more elegant.  

We spent some time cleaning up the yard the weekend before in preparation for hosting.  It was nice to uncover all our patio furniture and clean up the garden.  Plus I got to enjoy some of my flowers starting to bloom for the first time this year.

Everyone contributes to the meal making for tons of delicious food!  I believe we all went home with happy and full stomachs!

And of course, the kiddos got to play with their Easter basket treats and hunt for eggs.  It is always so fun to watch their excitement!

It was a fun day for all.  So grateful for wonderful family and celebrating Jesus' resurrection!