Our Maternity Photos

The third trimester is finally here and my bump is feeling very large and in charge these days.  So we thought we would take advantage of this nice spring weather for some photos while I am not insanely uncomfortable or tired yet.  It is a little early based off what the internet advises at around 32 weeks (I was closer to 29).  But I was feeling the need to check it off my list.  And plus my go to photography worthy dress still fits at this point (not sure how much longer that will last)!

As we always do, we set up our handy tripod with remote in hand.  It felt a little silly to do such posed shots all on our own, especially while a run for autism was going on the bike trail right besides us!  But Brent is a good sport and I think we got some pretty good shots for having the photographer in the picture and not behind it!

It is kind of crazy to look at these photos and think about our sweet baby that is growing.  But even still I am feeling really nostalgic about this time with just Brent and I.  Though these photos are about the bump, to me it still feels like it's still just us and about our relationship - a moment in time before our world changes and our hearts open up to welcome another member to our family.  The next time we get all gussied up for another photo shoot like this, we will have a baby in our arms.  And honestly the last time we did this was when we got married six and a half years ago.

These are special milestones in our lives and I am happy to be able to capture them behind a camera.