Our Newborn Photos

Just a few days after our little guy was born, we somehow managed to shower, get dressed, and set up the tripod to take some newborn and family photos.  It was definitely a new challenge - being the photographer, subject, and milk feeder!  But we pushed through and made them happen.  Those first few days at home are all sort of a blur already so I am glad we got to capture Titus in his first days of life.  Our little family of three - it just melts my heart!

We took these first set of pictures in our dining room.  I just took down our gallery wall and moved the table out of the way.  I love the neutral backdrop and wardrobe (because finding flattering clothes after just having a baby is also a challenge!). 

We took a few photos outdoors later that evening to complete a series of photos we have been taking throughout the entire pregnancy (I will blog about what I am talking about soon).  We headed out to a little hiking trail by the river that I would often take my nephews.  It was a weird moment to be there with our son instead - a familiar place yet a whole new chapter.  I look forward to hopefully taking him on his first hike in the carrier here sometime soon. 

His little smile kills me. 

Getting in photos in between sleep and feeding was a new challenge so I left out all my props and grabbed a few more photos of him the next day when he was in a good milk coma moment.

Love that little squishy face!  He has changed so much in the past few weeks!  It is so sweet to look back at these photos already!

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