Watching the Bump Grow: Weeks 23-40

Remember when I was pregnant?  Looking at these pictures definitely brings back the memories!  Let's just say I am not ready to be pregnant again!

But this is what happens when I am months behind editing photos.  Instead of sitting down and editing I look for old photos that I never posted!  So for memories sake (I am sure I will want to be able to come back and look at these), I am finally sharing the other half of my pregnancy bump photos!

Plus I did not realize that all my notes for each week were still on my old phone on an app that would not open.  It kind of freaked me out.  Luckily I was able to retrieve them.  But a good reminder to back things up in a more timely manner (because that baby is 8 months old now!).  I am currently backing up all the photos off my phone.  Don't put it off!!!

Anyways...a trip down memory lane...weeks 23 to 40.  It was pretty special to re-read all of these again.  It is amazing how easy it is to forget all those sweet memories.  Makes me grateful I am documenting our son's weekly and monthly photos on Instagram to look back on.

Week 23 - Sewing lots of baby things.  Baby is moving a lot!

Week 24 - Lots of movement.  Starting to get more uncomfortable.

Week 25 - Lots of movement.  Lots of naps!  Hard to get groceries out of the basket!

Week 26 - No room in my belly! Eating very small meals these days!  I want all the fro-yo!

Week 27 - Hands are asleep (the beginning of the never ending carpal tunnel!).  Painting baby's room.  First baby shower this week!

Week 28 - Third trimester is here!  Feeling the pregnancy carpal tunnel strong!  Had a lovely first baby shower!

Week 29 - Feeling more tired and uncomfortable.  Heading to women's retreat!  Took maternity photos!

Week 30 - Got our crib!  Decided we are going to move to Virginia! :( Feeling tired and uncomfortable (I apparently said this every week!).  Hospital tour today!

Week 31 - Brent and I love the baby so much already.  It's pretty amazing how this bump is already changing our lives.

Week 32 - Home stretch!  Getting baby's room ready!  Finally committed to a name!  And it is getting hot outside!

Week 33 - Saw baby's ultrasound.  A real boy is growing in there!  Only 7 weeks left...I'm going a little crazy!

Week 34 - Getting things ready - packed my hospital bag, filled out our baby book, and taking classes at the hospital!

Week 35 - 5 weeks to go!  Completed our registries (bought everything we needed left)!  Now we just wait!

Week 36 - The countdown is here!  Took water aerobics at the gym!  Not much room in my belly.  Feeling the baby all the time.

Week 37 - Took our labor class and starting to feel ready.  Officially full term and baby could come any time!

Week 38 - Can't believe we are near the end!  Started sleeping on the couch.  Trying to still keep at it (at the gym).

Week 39 - Last week until due date!  Crazy!  I actually sort of feel ready!!!

Week 40 - Happy due date baby!  You can come now!  Having more painful contractions.  Just waiting...

// We ended up going into the hospital on our due date and our little one was born a few (very long) days later!  You can read the story here.  And see bump photos from weeks 5-22 here.

And just for laughs, I will leave you with this one...