Spring At The Farmhouse

Spring has been popping up around our little farmhouse over the last month or so and I cannot help but try to catch every little leaf, bloom, and butterfly that I can find.  These photos, just taken a few weeks ago, are already changing right before my eyes.  If I am not fast enough to catch it I may just miss it! 

Spring has always been such a wonderful season to me and being in a different home and climate this year is such a treat to see what is popping up all around me.  Nature is pretty amazing.

I don't think I have shown pictures of the back of our house yet so I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures to share the back of our tri-level home.  I have never really liked the look of these type of homes in real estate photos but I will have to say ours is fairly photogenic for a multi-level.  I think the landscaping and porch really help.  Still I wish builders would put molding around windows on the backside of homes!

No chickens yet but the trees around the coop are starting to grow leaves again.

Our first spring in Virginia and it has been treating us pretty well so far.  Our house is almost completely finished and my heart has had time to settle in to our new home - just in time for us to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!