3 Tips For Being More Productive

Since becoming a mom I have sadly become more forgetful.  While I love feeling productive during the day it is also a fine line for me to walk to also be more present with my family as well as with others.  I can get so consumed with what I need to do that I will often neglect getting out, spending time with others, or being present with my son.  So in order to help myself be more productive I have created a few new habits to help me focus when it is time to get stuff done so I can later be freed up to be more flexible.

1. Make A List
I know this is not some kind of new concept.  But honestly I forgot about making lists.  And I find I am better at remembering my list when I use the same notepad.  So I have one notepad I keep in the kitchen that I consistently add items to.  I also keep a list of items in my planner for things that need to get done by a certain date or that month.

Then whenever I have a free moment I can refer to that list.  Also if I am not around my list I will email myself items that come to mind to add to my list when I get home. 

2. Then Start With My List
I find that if I let myself sit down, look at my phone, or get distracted by something else, I loose out on time very quickly.  So I go to the list first.  If a text message comes through, I ignore it.  If something else comes to mind, I add it to the list.  Even if I only do a few items, I feel so much more productive getting a few things done instead of nothing.

3. Use A Computer When Possible
If what I need to do is internet related, I try to sit at a computer as often as I can.  I find that I quickly get distracted when using my phone.  Whereas sitting on a computer helps me to focus my attention on one thing at a time.  I can have multiple windows up if something else comes to mind but it is sitting there waiting for me in case I forget.  Plus I am less likely to jump on social media.

// When I meal prep ahead of time, dinner time is less stressful.  When I feel like I have accomplished something I can be more present to my family.  When I cross things off a list I have a sense of productivity that frees up burdens of feeling like I am always behind.

I realize not everyone is like this.  But if you are a type-A neat freak like I am, life seems to spin out of control very quickly when things get out of order.  Seeing piles of dishes while my little one sits on the floor fussing can set me off into crazy lady land pretty quickly.  So I take a deep breath, take out my list, and once that nap time hits, I get things back in order.  The simple act of tidying up helps me to be so much more peaceful and focused for the rest of the day.

// If you have any tips on how you keep focused and productive, I would love to hear!