Best Food of Sacramento

A few years ago, pre-baby and pre-cross country move, Brent and I spent a good year trying out new places in Sacramento to eat.  He was taking a few grad school classes that was getting us out to Downtown Sacramento more often.  Also we knew about the possible move at the time and the idea of knowing my home city a little better, I wanted to venture out to try new places. 

I took to Facebook a call to all of my local friends for their recommendations of favorite places to eat.  It is quite possibly one of my favorite posts as people came out of the wood works with their suggestions.  It kind of made me miss the old days of Facebook when everyone was so upbeat and happy.

Anyways, I wrote down all of their recommendations on a piece of paper and kept it in my purse.  When it came time to eat out, I would pull out my list and we would choose a place.  It was really fun to try so many new places, to discover some very delicious food, and to take a weeknight dinner out and make it something special. 

While we are not currently in Sacramento any more, I thought this post could still serve helpful as many of my readers are from the area (hey Facebook peeps!).  And in case you are making a visit to the area, here are some suggestions to get you started.

The locations that are followed by an asterisk* are places that I have eaten at and can recommend.  Some include notes from me.  If their is no asterisk but a suggestion, this is coming from whoever recommended it to me.  I tried to break it down by city as there was no real way for me to organize it well. 

And if you have any other suggestions you believe to be worthy of #bestfoodofsacramento (my hashtag I use on Instagram), please leave your ideas in the comments!

Farrell's* - ice cream parlor with a whimsical Disney feel
Gunther's - ice cream
Centro Cocina
Rick's Diner* - delicious desserts and beautiful cakes
El Tores
Matteos* - pizza and bistro, cute outdoor patio area
Tres Hermanas*
Aiolis - Spanish
Lucca - Mediterranean
Baker's Donuts* - cronuts with ice cream!!!
Three Sisters
El Novillero
Frank Fats - Chinese (try the honey walnut prawns)
Whitley's Jolly Kone* - drive up burgers
Thai Basil
Firehouse* - upscale American food in historical setting
Shoki Ramen House
Freeport Bakery
Bacon and Butter - brunch
Giant Orange* - burgers and milkshakes
Flaming Grill Cafe - awesome burgers with unique meat selection (I had wagyu!)

La Provence

Fair Oaks
Sunflower Cafe* - vegetarian counter service, don't be afraid of the nut meat - it is delicious! Everything I have tried here is great
Cafe Vinoteca
Rim's Del* - mom and pop deli.  We love the hot turkey bacon sandwich.  They know Brent by name!
Dianda's Italian Bakery and Cafe* - yummy desserts and adorable tea servings
Nautilus Tea Company* - hipster tea bar with a wide selection

Drive Up Dairy Queen* - feels like summer
Sichuan Spice House* - affordable and delicious Chinese

Citrus Heights
Seven Sisters
Mirabelle European Pastry* - adorable French cafe and bakery.  One of my favorites. 
La Fiesta Taqueria* - love the nachos
Corner Stone Restaurant* - breakfast
Teriyaki To Go - favorite quick Chinese, get your rice bowl with extra sauce

Skip's Kitchen* - burgers
Madison Station Cafe* - go for the frozen yogurt
Palm Street Pub and Grill - great burgers
Rey Azteca* - we love the "famous" tacos on the menu
Garcia's* - I go strictly for the chips and bean dip they serve you

Tai Chili
Four Sisters - breakfast

El Dorado Hills
36 Handles - try the fish and chips
Sourdough Company - great sandwiches
Purple Place - brunch

Karen's Bakery* - brunch, lunch, pastries
Pete's Brewery
Snooks Candies* - ice cream, chocolates, candy
Teryaki Station* - lunch time teriyaki and Boba tea!!!

Rancho Cordova
Sharahzad - Persian

Awful Annie's* - breakfast and a morning of antique shopping!

Gold River
Zinfandel California Cuisine

Fenton's* - ice cream on the way to the Jelly Belly Factory

Taylor's* - a whole wall full of milkshake variations to choose from!

Multiple Locations
Jack's Urban Eats* - hip and farm fresh
Scott's Seafood* - upscale seafood, nice ambiance
Piattis - Italian
Chandos* - authentic tacos and burritos (we loved the burrito)
The Parlor* - hot donuts with ice cream and toppings inside
Squeeze Inn* - burger with a cheese skirt!
Icing on the Cupcake* - my all time favorite cupcake place!
Leatherby's Family Creamery*
Rita's Italian Ice* - I realize this is an East Coast thing but it is my absolute favorite!!! 
Dutch Bros. Coffee* - when you like a lot of sugar and cream in your iced coffee!  Yes, please!
Krush Burger* - try the sweet potato tots!
Costa Vida* - love the nachos with extra queso
La Bou* - Chinese chicken salad and bread and dill forever!
Mongolian Bar-B-Q - build your own bowl
TK Noodles - semi-fast Chinese bowls