Fall Around the Farmhouse

Fall is here and it is a glorious time of year.  We moved last fall so while we have been in Virginia during this time of year we had yet to experience the entire season (as well as going from a humid summer into cooler weather).

For the first time I am starting to feel a little more settled and a more consistent sense of happy (or contentment).  And really, the change in season definitely puts a hop in my step.  I will take it!

I am up to my eyeballs in pictures to go through and edit (hello cross country road trip from a year ago...and everything else sense then).  So I have been going around with my phone capturing little tidbits of our fall home.  I have a love hate relationship with that camera on my phone.  So easy for photos like this - yet just another hard drive of photos to sift through eventually.

Either way I wanted to share these square little photos (meant for instagram) in a more lengthier fashion.  I am struggling with my place in social media lately so a real blog post feels more settling (anyone else struggle with the constant updates?).

Anyways, these first three photos (including the one above) is of our front porch emerging through the season.  The first photo is from my first set of grocery store pumpkins - which one rotted in a week (that's what I get for early season cheap pumpkins!).

Then last week I decided to add a touch of Halloween with a few paper cutout bats I made years ago.  Grateful for my past crafty self for taking the time to cut these out.  I continue to use them year after year.  The wreath was from Crate and Barrel last year.

Then I finally got out my fall decorations bin and realized I brought my white pumpkins with us.  

Another simple little DIY I made years ago are these ghosts.  They are tennis balls covered with kitchen towels!  My husband came home and asked if there were ghosts in our trees!  Why yes there are!  He apparently doesn't remember them even though we have had them for YEARS.

I also found my small bunch of craft fair pumpkins I have collected over the years (thank you Bella Vista High School craft fair!).  They add just a touch of festive without much work.

Gourds from the pumpkin patch.  Flowers from a recent work event we hosted at our house.  They were a hostess gift and though I never expect them I am reminded how thoughtful the gesture is.  I want to be a better guest that remembers to bring something for the host.

Our fall decorations this year are simple but fun.  I feel like I can actually nod to the season without feeling overwhelmed since having our son and moving.  I believe this is the first holiday besides Christmas that I have decorated for since we moved so it feels like an accomplishment.

Plus because we live near the end of our road and our son is so young, really I am the only one who will truly enjoy these decorations this year (to think I actually miss living on a busy corner for once!).  So it feels good to want to do something like this for myself - and to be at a place where I have the energy to do so.

We've been busy spending more of our days outside (now that our little guy is walking!).  And we had a wonderful fall family trip to New York City a few weeks ago.  October is always a special time of year and this year is no different.  Happy fall friends.  I hope you are enjoying it.