Superhero Family Halloween Costumes

We tend to repeat Halloween costumes around here.  If you have been reading for years (wow, thank you), you may remember this Wonder Woman costume.  I have even worn it to group exercise classes in years past.  It is on it's last leg so this may be the last for her and I but I thought I would get one more year out of it when I found this fun and inexpensive Batman costume for our son.

Halloween costumes for kids are expensive and at just 15 months old, I was not expecting that he would be into wearing anything too complicated.  In combination with a family vacation and then family visitors, purchasing a costume online was the easy route for this year.  All there was left to do was print out a Superman symbol to tape on to Brent's shirt.  

Brent has gone as Superman before, only in snuggie form!  But when he got some new glasses a few years ago and people started saying he looked like Clark Kent, I knew it would be a fun change for this year.  So this was also an easy one to pull together.  Plus I think he is pretty super. 

And we just made it through our first year as parents so surely we have some sort of superhuman powers now! 

I absolutely love these photos of little Batman in the air.  These two guys have been really bonding lately and it makes my heart so happy.  I see a lot of fun together in the years to come.

He was very happy when we took these pictures which felt like a small miracle.  But he has really started getting the whole walking thing down and this was one of the first times we let him roam around in the backyard.  Was it the Batman costume or the open yard?  I do not know.  What I do know is that he is turning into a very silly little boy.

Of course I assumed that he would have nothing to do with the mask that came with the costume.  But my much more patient and risk taking husband wanted to give it a try.  

And you know what?  He loved it.  I'm so glad Brent stretches me to think outside of the box.

These pictures kill me.  SO HAPPY.

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!  We are excited that we have a trunk or treat event literally five minutes from our house (also a small miracle).  So we will brave bringing out little Batman out an hour before his normal bedtime...and hence why we take pictures early!  Superhuman mom tricks right here. 

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