One Year Photos

Our little man turned one this summer.  While at the time it didn't seem like time was flashing before my eyes.  But now as I look back, just a few months later, I am starting to see the pace of time go a bit more quickly.  Our son is one.  We have lived here in Virginia for almost a year.  Time does seem to be passing rather fast.  And since I can't stop time - I can at least capture it.

So here are a million pictures of our wiggly, silly, opinionated little one.  I have taken photos of one year olds before as well as a range of wild children (in our photography biz days).  And yet trying to take pictures of my own child served to be one of my hardest photo shoots yet!  As a friend so kindly reminded me - you can get other children to do all kinds of things but when it comes to your own children that is a different story.  Perhaps a continued life parenting lesson to let go of such high expectations!

Regardless of how hard these were to take, how hot and humid it was outside, and the fact that this took three different days to get the collection of pictures I wanted, they still turned out pretty darn cute!  

He ended up deciding that balloons were very scary right after these photos were taken.  So I unfortunately was not able to get any more balloon photos like I had hoped.  Plus we had to take them off of his high chair for his party.  But at least I got these!

Can you begin to see the fear in his eyes...???!!!

He loves playing outside, digging in the dirt, and putting disgusting things in his mouth.  While not the most adorable photos ever, these show his curiosity for all things on the ground well!

This set of photos are my favorite.  There were originally supposed to be balloons in this picture.  And I had already thrown away the thousands of paper banners I had cut out for his birthday party.  So I had to make another banner to get the look that I wanted.  Totally worth it but a hit your hand on the head moment for sure!

We ended our shoot with a cake smash in the woods.  I tried a bunch of different variations with blankets but the coloring just wasn't coming out right (I took a bunch of test photos before dragging the melting cake into the July heat).  My parents were visiting and my mom was dying that he was sitting amongst the leaves and bugs.  But the things you must do for the right shot!  She quickly swept him up when we were done!  Oh grandmas! ;)

While unsure at first, it was pretty cute to see how excited he was when we pulled out the cake for these photos.  He had remembered it from his party and was quite pleased to be reunited with it again.

And like that he turned one.